What is Wheel Sentry®?

Wheel Sentry® is an easy-to-fit loose wheel nut indicator, wheel nut cover and wheel nut retainer in one. It alerts you to loosened wheel nuts to prevent wheel detachment, protecting you against wheel loss.

Wheel Sentry® makes wheel checks quick and easy. It is available in a wide range of sizes to fit HGV’s, LGV’s and Trailers.

Wheel Sentry® wheel nut indicators are easily push-fit over the wheel nuts of your HGV, LGV or Trailer. Once positioned, they link together with a tough Viton band. This allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, then holds them in place for complete peace of mind.

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The original Wheel Sentry® Standard Wheel Nut Indicator and Retainer covers the full wheel nut and indicates any looseness. The Viton band stretches between the indicators to ensure that if there is any movement, the wheel nut does not release. Wheel Sentry® takes it that one step further and ensures that the indicator also retains the nut to prevent wheel loss.

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The Wheel Sentry® Reflector Wheel Nut Indicators offer the same function as the Standard, but with a reflective cap on the side of the indicator. Not only will the Viton band retain the nut during transit to stop any wheel loss, but the reflective cap also offers protection during night transit from any other vehicles on the road. This is especially useful for alerting cyclists when driving buses and HGVs in busy locations.

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Wheel Sentry® Low Profile Wheel Nut Indicators are a new design that does not include a cover. This allows the indicator to sit lower on the wheel nut. However, unlike similar styles of wheel nut indicator from other vendors, the Low Profile Indicator also includes the Viton band wheel nut retention system. The band is simple to fit and requires no tools.

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The Wheel Sentry® Link Wheel Nut Indicator is our newest product. Following the design of the Low Profile Indicators, the Link indicator sits at the bottom of the wheel nut to offer advanced wheel safety. The Viton band has been replaced with a plastic connection. This connection still enables some movement within the wheel nut and will also retain in the same way.

The added value here is that if your brakes overheat, the plastic mould starts to mis-shape which indicates that your brakes need changing.

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The Wheel Sentry Double Pointer is our newest product and is the safest wheel nut indicator in the world for 5 stud vehicles. Following the same design as the standard Wheel Sentry indicator, the double pointer wheel nut indicator and wheel nut retainer alerts the driver of the vehicle of looseness and retains wheel nuts in place simultaneously. It is particularly ideal for 5 stud wheel nut configurations where there is an odd number of wheel nuts. The double pointer enables the driver to have a clear visual indication if the wheel nut has started to loosen.  The indicators are still linked together with a Viton band providing the wheel nut retention.

Suitable for all vehicle types from trailers and towable plant, and light commercial vehicles.

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