In 2021Wheel clamps are essential. They are a popular way of securing a trailer, caravan or motorhome. The reason they are popular is that they are not only a good visual deterrent but with the right wheel clamp, they also make it near impossible for it to be towed away.

You need the right wheel clamp for your wheel. Wheel clamps are designed to fit the exact wheel and tyre size so it’s critical you get the right clamp. As a good rule of thumb, the tighter the fit the more difficult it will be for your average thief to try and remove it and steal the trailer.

Most wheel clamps are pretty easy to fit, if you’ve picked the right one. They can be heavy to manoeuvre if you’re new to using them but you’ll soon get the habit. If you’re not sure which wheel clamp is right for you, speak to our customer support team who are only too happy to help.

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