A hitch lock is one of the first trailer parts most new trailer owners invest in. It has only one, but very important use – the hitch lock is designed to keep your trailer from getting stolen. The money spent on a quality trailer hitch lock will be significantly less than the cost of replacing a trailer if it gets stolen. Unlike stolen vehicles, stolen trailers have a very low rate of being recovered, and even if they are, chances are the contents have already been stolen.

For that reason, a hitch lock is a small investment that can save you many problems down the road. There are many different types of trailer hitch locks, but at ATE, we only stock a single universal trailer hitch lock model made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand the elements – rain, snow, salt, sleet, road grime, UV rays, and is practically impenetrable. Our hitch lock can be used on multiple trailers, making it one of the most versatile hitch locks available on the market. Order our universal hitch lock before 4:30pm and get next working day delivery.

At ATE, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind knowing your trailer is safe at all times. That’s why we only provide the best hitch lock model. As an approved supplier to some of UK’s largest companies, we take the safety of your towed fleet seriously, and we only source products from industry-leading brands that are made to perform and last.

We carefully follow the latest industry trends and hand-select only the best products that provide the best value for our customers. Besides products that promote fleet safety, we also supply products that can help maximise efficiency and convenience.

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