Electrical Testers

Wiring problems on your trailer can be frustrating and can take a lot of time to fix, especially if you don’t have any indicator where to start fixing. When your trailer lights aren’t working, your trailer is not ready for the road, and you are losing valuable time and money. Ensure the wiring on your trailer and tow vehicle are in proper working condition with our range of electrical voltage testers. These tools are compact and handy. They can save time and money and are the perfect addition to your trailer and towing toolkit.

At ATE, we stock a selection of affordable electrical testers that have a plug, elementary controls, a battery and a couple of indicators. We source our electrical tester products from industry-leading brands like Towmate, which are compatible with 7 and 13 Pin connectors. This means you get a multi-functional electrical tester that can perform a test on both the wiring on your tow vehicle and trailer separately.

Our electrical testers are a popular choice among commercial fleet operators, who want to save time and make sure their trailers’ electrical system is fully functional. Heavy-duty commercial semi-trailers are fitted with 7 Pin connectors, so the wires go under the flooring, where they aren’t properly protected. This makes them prone to electrical malfunctions. For this reason, truck drivers should always perform an electrical test on the lights and other electrical components before every journey. An electrical tester is a simple and fast way to accomplish this.

Our customers’ safety is our number one priority, which is why we only source reliable products from industry-leading brands. We want our customers to have peace of mind knowing their vehicle and trailer are always in proper working condition. Shop our testers today and get next working day delivery on orders before 4:30pm. Contact us for inquiries and any questions you may have related to our testers or your trailer’s electrical system. Our dedicated, knowledgeable customer service staff will be happy to assist you.