Jockey Wheels and Propstands

This product segment is comprised of propstands and jockey wheels, both of which have a specific function in securing and keeping your trailer level when it is unhitched from the towing vehicle. Both products serve to keep the trailer level when loading or unloading. A propstand and wheel jockey are both most commonly fixed to the trailer close to the hitching point however corner steadies can also be fixed to the far or near end of the body of the trailer to prevent tilting when moving the weight in the trailer bed. The main advantage of a jockey wheel is that it enables increased manoeuvrability of your trailer when it is unhitched without requiring the user to lift the hitching point without support. The levelling of the trailer could also be achieved with a jack to level and support one end of the trailer where required. If you use an adjustable version of either a jockey wheel or prop stand, it saves undue strain on your back and makes hitching up and unhitching a far easier exercise.